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Cart design

2008-05-22 19:08:12 by MixedDrink

This is the cart design for my backyard coaster

Cart design

Coaster track design

2008-05-22 17:52:27 by MixedDrink

pretty sweet eh?
Ye Im a nerd. :)

Coaster track design

Trick or Treat Cheat Sheet

2007-10-30 07:47:40 by MixedDrink

Only one more day until Halloween. I doubt alot of you newgrounders are still into Trick or Treating, but here are some tips for people who still do.


1. Never buy a "Scary" pre-made costume, not cool. Things like mustard and cell phones are okay though.
2. Never go as something typical, like Scream or the Grim Reaper, unless you want to be 700,000 in a million.
3. Don't wear a full costume, you'll see why in my "Extra Candy" section.

Extra Candy
1. Don't throw temper tantrums, they don't work, crying might. But you'd have to be young, real young.
2. You could try the old "You missed me routine" but it's risky, real risky, only try it on very old citizens.
3. Bring more than one mask, this is why to just wear normai clothes under your mask, because you can go to a house a good 2 or 3 times with a couple extra masks, just make sure not to combine your masks. They will catch on.


1. Never try and take shortcuts to neighborhoods through forests on Halloween. Teenagers light fires and smash things down there. Even if you are a teen yourself. Which includes me, you still shouldn't go through those places.
2. Wear a reflector if your young. Say, Under 11. They work. They may not look cool, but you could always be a bicycle for Halloween. =]

For the Adults
1. Stay away from hard drinks like scotch or vodka if you plan on stealing alot of your kids candy. Unless,
you actually want gummy-density barf.
2. If your short, (like my mother) and want candy. Don't be afraid to go trick-or-treating in a full body costume.

And that is all your going to need for Halloween Trick-or-treating and more.
Ryan Weatherby (MixedDrink)